Climate Change

As humans seek to invent more technologies to improve the lives of people and make things more convenient and effective, we do not seem to realize that we are slowly harming the earth and our planet.

Although it may not affect us now, it will cause a much larger catastrophe later and lead to the destruction of nature. Hence, today I will be educating you on the effects of climate change, the impacts, and the solutions to this global problem.

What is climate change?

Climate change, in simple terms, is a long-term permanent change in the weather patterns that define Earth climates, such as precipitation, temperature, and wind patterns. These natural weather fluctuations are mainly caused by Man’s destructive activities.

As a result of this unpredictable and unbalancing climate of Earth, the sustainability of the planet’s ecosystems and the future of mankind is under threat.

Biden plans to fight climate change in a way no U.S. president has done  before
Activites that lead to climate change

Note: Climate change is different from global warming. Climate change refers to the increasing changes in the weather patterns, including warming and the side effects of warming.

Causes of climate change

1.Humanity ‘s dependence on fossil fuels

Humans use fossil fuels and non-renewable energy as it is convenient and efficient. When fossil fuels are burned, they produce a large amount of carbon dioxide, which traps heat in the atmosphere and contributes to climate change.

What are the Disadvantages of Fossil Fuels? | Linquip

Fossil fuels are also non-renewable energy, which could result in an energy crisis when the supply of energy is insufficient to meet the demands. You can view my blog on Energy Crisis here:

2. Deforestation and logging

Tropical trees, like all plants, produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide(greenhouse gas) during photosynthesis. However, when trees are cut down and burned for land space, their stored carbon is released into the air.

Rivers in the Sky: How Deforestation Is Affecting Global Water Cycles -  Yale E360

there are also lesser trees to transpire and there will be less evaporation, which results in the climate being warm and dry.

3.Volcanic eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are a double-edged sword, as during major eruptions, as volcanic gases like sulfur dioxide can cause global cooling, but volcanic carbon dioxide promotes global warming and climate change.

Air pollution by volcano Bardarbunga lasting for month - ESKP

4. Melting of permafrost( An Impact and further aggravated Cause)

The melting of permafrost is caused by climate change, and it’s a natural process. Permafrost is solid ground that remains under 0C for a long time. (like ice)As Earth’s climate warms, the permafrost is thawing.

What is Permafrost and How is it Emitting Methane? | Earth.Org - Past |  Present | Future

When the ice in the permafrost melts, plants that grow on the permafrost(organic carbon) start to decompose. This releases greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere.

Impacts of climate change

  1. rising temperatures (Global warming)

Global warming and rising temperatures will not only lead to a rise in the Earth’s atmosphere, but it also triggers a reaction of climatic change around the world.

A warmer climate leads to the water cycle slowing down, changing weather patterns, worsening many types of disasters including storms, floods, droughts, and melting polar ice caps.

Iranian Architect Designs Unique Structure to Save Emperor Penguins and  Fight Climate Change

2. Social and economic impacts

Climate change will have heavy consequences for developing countries if they do not resolve or mitigate the problem. Damage to infrastructure and human health by natural disasters imposes heavy consequences such as a loss of natural resources, risks on human health, and affect on sectors that rely on nature reserves and tourism.

Impacts of Climate Change on the Economy and Society - Iberdrola
as shown above, there are many devastating impacts that could seriously impact the economy and the people

3. Threats on wildlife

The constant change of the weather and temperature of the habitats force animals and plants to either move or adapt. However, climate change is happening so fast that many animals are even struggling to cope. Moreover, deforestation and natural disasters further aggravate the situation.

Effects of Climate Change | Threats | WWF

Solutions(Mitigating the threats)

1.Renewable energy

How is the Coronavirus Pandemic Affecting the Renewable Energy Industry?

We should work on developing renewable energies to be more efficient and cost-saving so they could be our main source of energy. Wind, Solar, Geothermal, and Biomass could be the solution. They can be implemented with minimal environmental impacts, and often offer benefits.

2.Marine conservation

Ocean and Marine Wildlife Conservation Initiatives

The oceans are the largest absorbers of greenhouse gases and are homes to millions of wildlife. By establishing strict laws to prevent pollution and responsible fishing, we will be able to save our ocean, allowing it to greatly aid us in our fight against climate change.

3.Tropical forest restoration

It is difficult to stop deforestation completely, but we can practice reforestation like the Japenese: planting 2 seeds for 1 tree logged. We should also preserve the endangered and certain species. This could be a long-term practice, so we need to manage adaptively for results and outcomes.

Clear-cut tropical forest revitalized with industrial orange peel waste |  Boing Boing

4.Carbon capture and storage

There are some natural carbon storage places, such as the ocean and trees, but they take up large tracts of land. SOme scientists are experimenting with caputirng CO2 from power plants with biomass plants using technology.

Carbon Capture for the Last Mile | The Nature Conservancy

Grown plant matter will be burned underground and not ancient fossils-moreover, power can be produced while fighting climate change.


To fight climate change, we all should use technologies to help us in our fight, not against our fight. A good solution would be to use technologies to develop better and more efficient renewable energies and protect our Earth.

New Partnership Combines Best of Nature and Technology to Fight Climate  Change | Save The View

Challenge: I challenge you to cultivate habits that will help to play a role in resolving climate change. Plant more flowers, start a garden, carpool or take public transport instead of driving, only buy environmentally-friendly products and appliances, lastly write a letter to your state government, stating the importance of climate change and propose a solution.

We all have our part to play in climate change as long as we are living on this planet. Thus, let’s work together towards a better world and future.


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