Threats of Artificial Intelligence

with technology advancing and artificial intelligence developing, robots are becoming more exceptional and smarter. AI is quickly replacing many jobs and may even surpass humans in the future. Although it benefits many sectors, researching Ai safety is important as it could potentially undergo self-improvement, triggering an intelligence explosion leaving humans far behind. AI’s impact could be cataclysmic unless rapid development is strictly and ethically controlled.

Hence, today we will dive into the topic of artificial intelligence, how it was introduced, the remarkable benefits, and the existential risks we may face with its development. I will be introducing Artificial Intelligence briefly, then elaborating on its threats and dangers,

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence consists of building intelligent machines capable of performing tasks that require human knowledge. Advancement in sectors like machine learning and computer science has enabled technology to progress in AI and deep learning of robots.AI is not an ordinary robot. they do not need to receive commands to operate and can operate autonomously, and they can learn and execute tasks independently. ( it has the character of a human)

some examples of artifical intelligence in our everyday life are:

  • smart assistants(Google, Siri)
  • Online shopping and personalized advertisements(cookies)
  • Smart homes and infrastructure in cities(using Ai to reduce traffic jams and smart devices that can control home)
  • Self-driving cars, cars that use Ai-powered safety functions.

Threats of Artificial Intelligence

However, although this brings many benefits, it also comes with costs and setbacks. The smarter machines become, the more they could expand their goals to do more complicated things, and move away from their job scope. Once computers can effectively reprogram and improve themselves, destructive superintelligence can escape our control to wreak havoc.

Here are some of the concerns and threats of artifical intelligence.


1. AI involving the use of autonomous weapons can result in AIs doing something devastating. (Military use of AI)

Three Groups of Threats from Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems - Modern  Diplomacy

Autonomous weapons are autonomous military systems that can independently search and engage targets. humans could become arrogant and lose control of Ai in an arms race. Ai labs will feel increasing pressure to take shortcuts around safety precautions during an arms race, and these threats could become more dangerous.

Secondly,Ai requires no costly or hard-to-obtain raw materials, hence they will become notorious, fall into the hands of the wrong people, and be used against humans. these weapons could be hacked, which would enable assassinations and become weapons of oppression.

2. Privacy and ‘deepfakes’

Deepfakes, which is the use of digital alteration to imitate someone else in a video.

Deepfakes are typically maliciously used to spread false and bad information about someone, to manipulate society into thinking a politician or well-known person in society has spouted racist or sexist views when they never had any of these intentions. This could have devastating impacts on political campaigns. It may even cause political outrage and lead to high-ranking people being framed and possibly arrested for something they never did.

Other nefarous uses of deepfakes are:

  • -scams and hoaxes
  • identity theft and financial fraud
  • Social engineering

3.Job automation

with AI introduced, jobs involving repetitive and predictable tasks- disruption is well underway. Robots now overpower humans because of their productivity and accuracy, not needing energy, and are less prone to errors.

Here are jobs and sectors which are vulnerable to job automation.

Find Out How Likely Your Job Is to Be Automated | Fortune
credit: Fortune

As shown in statistics, the most vulnerable group is accommodation and food services. Delivery jobs, waiters, bellhops, and the front desk are repetitive jobs that involve little thinking and creativity. This is why lifelong continuous learning is vital.

Companies must upskill their employees as automation occurs. We have to understand that artificial intelligence is not stealing our jobs but helps to increase efficiency and improve the way we work. Hence, for humans and AI to both succeed, they must collaborate, humans excelling at creative thinking and have social connection skills, while AI helps to do the repetitive and boring work.

4.Accidents and physical safety concerns (Autonomous cars)

During testing and after the process, it is possible for errors and imperfections to appear, which may result in accidents. self-driving cars may malfunction and if the driver does not know how to troubleshoot the problems, it could pose an immediate risk to other drivers and the passenger.

Safety and ability of self-driving cars to avoid mistakes are the... |  Download Scientific Diagram
here are some concerns that consumers have about autonomous cars.

Hence, it will be more important for designers to prioritize safety over comfortability and rider preferences if they want to live up to the promise to be safer than human drivers.

Solutions and prevention of AI threats

1.Protect data and privacy (Digital Security)

Only the data types necessary to create the AI should be collected, and the data should be kept secure. penetration testing should be done to make sure that the data is protected well. If this data is breached, hackers can take control of the Ais and exploit these vulnerabilities.

2.Safety should be the first priority

Artificial Intelligence: The Challenge to Keep It Safe - Future of Life  Institute

When creating AI, producers should always ensure that their product is safe and tests should be done to make sure they meet the necessary safety requirements. They need to ensure they can recover from errors and can troubleshoot themselves if they face such circumstances.

3. Upskill and adapt

Ai is going to reform our world, and it’s going to change the way we do many things. Hence, for us to benefit and harvest its fruits, we need to ensure continuous learning and come up with new creative ideas. This will allow us to cooperate and work with AI, making our lives and the world better.

IT Careers: 10 Job Skills in High Demand This Year - InformationWeek

*Here is a challenge and action I have for you. During this quarantine and pandemic, upskill yourself and learn new skills(preferably technology-related). Learn about coding, ethical hacking, or learn about data science or machine learning. Start now, and I assure you these skills will benefit you in the future.


hence, AI is like a double-edged sword, and to harvest its full potential and benefits, we have to take preventive measures and find solutions to these threats. We also have to grow and adapt to the technological world, and this will allow us to appreciate AI, collaborating with it to solve more global issues and improve the effectiveness of our lives.

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