Technological Disruption

what is technological disruption?

Disruptive technology is an innovation that significantly alters the way that consumers, industries, or businesses operate. Disruptive technology is a newly developed technology that creates much more value than the existing technology and has the potential to drastically change the way to work, live, do the business, and increase the economic output.

How has technology changed the world?

Technology has revolutionized the world and our daily has created amazing tools and resources and has put useful information all at our convenience. it has changed the way we communicate, play, eat, sleep, and study. technology is disrupting us socially, disrupting the economy and business, and even our education system. has technology disruption benefitted us more or has caused more harm?

1.Social disruption(work, play, eat, study)


the way we entertain ourselves has also changed. streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu have overtaken TV. with your mobile devices, you can watch and stream the tv shows you want, and how you want. these streaming services are overtaking broadcast channels as they provide more convenient and allows the user to choose what they want to watch. you no longer have to anticipate watching the show you want to watch at a certain time. thus, some of these broadcasting channels are also coming up with ways to move their shows to streaming websites.


The advancement of technology has made communication unbelievably fast and convenient. It’s incredible to look back and see how much easier communication has gotten over the years. Communication tools offer one of the most significant examples of how quickly technology has evolved.

in the past, when you wanted to send a message or talk to someone, you would write a letter ,send faxes, or find a wired telephone.To connect with someone in society today, you have many more efficient options at your fingertips. You can send them a message on social media, text them, video chat, email, or put a call through.

Payment and transferring funds

you no longer have to go to the bank or atm to pay your bills or transfer funds to someone else.with cell phones and a banking app, you now are able to manage all your necessary bill payments online.there is no longer the need to spend time queueing up to pay your bills or waiting to buy your food.with a few taps and clicks, you can order food right to your doorstep or pay your bills conveniently in a single spot.

2.Economic disruption(the way we do business, e-commerce,e.g)

as technology progresses and is advancing, businesses and companies also have to move along. companies are thus starting to move their businesses online and learning how to do e-commerce, advertise on social media apps and much has changed the way we do business and the way we advertise and sell our products.some companies and businesses are failing as they might still be doing brick and mortar business, and are not changing with the times and moving their business online.

technology has also taken over and replaced many jobs and are threatening many industries. here are a few industries and jobs that have been replaced by technology.

1.Travel websites such as Expedia (EXPE), Kayak, and Travelocity have eliminated the need for human travel agents.

2.Newspapers have seen their circulation numbers decline steadily, replaced by online media and blogs. Increasingly, computer software is actually writing news stories, especially local news and sporting event results.

3.Language translation is becoming more and more accurate, reducing the need for human translators. The same goes for dictation and proof-reading.

3.Online bookstores such as Amazon have forced brick-and-mortar booksellers to close their doors permanently. Additionally, the ability to self-publish and to distribute e-books is negatively affecting publishers and printers.

4.Uber, Grab and other company-owned taxi companies are taking over traditional taxis due to its convenience and allowing its user to be able to call a taxi beforehand to its location to reduce waiting time.

5.Driverless cars, such as those being developed by Google , may prove to replace all sorts of driving jobs, including bus and truck drivers, taxi drivers, and chauffeurs. food companies are also starting to invest in computerized kiosks, where there is no need for a waiter to take the customers orders and the kiosks can take the customers orders without the need of registers are also being replaced by retail cashiers and the customers can check out themselves without the need of a cash register.

7.traditional television broadcasting is being replaced by streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.People are dropping their cable or satellite TV services opting to stream online instead.

As we can see, many industries are making use of technology to do the jobs that involve human labour, as it is much more convenient, saves time and might even be less costly than hiring so many the future, we might have driverless vehicles and technology will be replacing many other jobs. jobs which involve a lot of manual labour and that repeat the same process will be lost to technology advancement.those who can interface with technology will likely succeed than those who can accomplish physical labour.

3.Technological disruption to education system

technology is a powerful tool that can transform education in many ways, from making it easier for teachers to create instruction materials to enabling new ways for people to learn and work together, from making it easier for teachers to create instruction manuals to enabling new ways for people to learn and work together.

  1. finding information

back when you wanted to know the definition of a word or wanted to research more about what you learnt in school, you would usually have to visit the library and find reference materials. that is now a thing of the past. with the internet, you can now find what you are looking for just by typing into the search engine.there are countless blogs and articles out there that can help you discover information that you might have never knew about that subject or information outside the textbook.

2.Online group collaboration

with apps like Zoom and Google Meet, teachers can now host online meetings and lessons without having to be in the classroom.the idea of group study has been improved in the digital world.students now no longer have to get together physically to discuss or collaborate for a group project. with messaging and video conferencing apps, they can now collaborate online and are also able to share files and notes, work together on documents, instant message or email.

3.Fun learning

The utilization of technology has made learning significantly more fun than any other time in recent memory. teachers are posting more lessons and assignments for students to do online. the lessons are usually accompanied with interactive videos that can help the students to understand better.

Students that may struggle to understand a certain subject can search for a tutorial video online. Videos or live streaming content can offer an alternate approach to a thought and better understanding of a concept or subject. These videos can allow an interesting and interactive approach to learning that might be more easily digested.


all in all, technology has its good and bad, and technology disruption may be changing the world for the better or for the has disrupted the economy, many industries, and has revolutionised the way we live our life, and carry out our daily activities. things will no longer be the same, as technology is only constantly improvising and technology progresses, we must adapt to the new ways and accept that those traditional methods will soon be left behind and that we have to keep innovating and adapt to the present.

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